Leon Watkins graduated from Kennedy High School in Richmond, California.  He subsequently joined the United States Marine Corps and became an official Marine Corps photographer for several years.  It was during his tour of duty with the Marine Corps, that Leon had the honor of photographing the President of the United States, Ronald Reagan / Secretary of the Navy, John Lehman / Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Paul X. Kelley / Medal of Honor, Third Marines Division Commander, Major General James Lewis Day / Marine Lt. General Alfred M. Gray Jr. / Marine Lt. General Frank E. Petersen Jr.

            Upon leaving the Marines, Leon began pursuing a career in the movie and television industry.  After working on his first feature film, “Glory,” as a stand-in and featured background, Leon founded The Walking Ghost of Black History Re-enactment Group.  Leon hosted the premiere of “Glory” in Chicago, ?Illinois in January 1990, representing The Walking Ghosts of Black History and “Glory.”

            Leon was featured in a LIFE magazine article in February 1990 and in New York Times in 1993.  The Walking Ghost won first prize in the Veteran’s Day Parade, Oakland, California. He was also involved in the Juneteenth Celebration Re- Encampment Naturalization Ceremony and Wreath Ceremony, Buffalo Soldiers. 

                             Leon’s interests include filmmaking, He has worked on such films as “Driving Miss Daisy,” “Forrest Gump,” and “Spider Man 1 & 2,” His most recent film work was on “ Afro Ninja,” “April Fools” & “The Iron Man” where he worked as Associate Producer, Production Manager and 1st Assistant Director, also stand-in for actors Morgan Freeman and Bill Nunn. 

              Other interests are Photography and writing. He is particularly interested in Vietnam and Civil War history, also Leon is a qualified photo lab technician and has free-lanced for historical documentation, radio promotional and music concerts.



              After graduating from High School, Larry Thompson joined the United States Navy and became an official Storekeeper/Helmsman for 4 years while aboard the USS Reclaimer (ARS-42), during his years in the US Navy he was honored with various awards and certificates and the Navy Commendation Metal while serving at Matcu Travis Air Force Base in California.

 After leaving Travis Air Force Base Larry was called to his next duty station, Alameda California, The USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70), after serving 26 months on the Chucky-V- the nick name of the carrier- he joined the US Naval Reserve where he served for 2 years at the Naval Supply Center Oakland California. Mr.Thompson served 10 years with the US Navy.

 Once completing  10 years with the military, Larry began pursuing his career in Film and Video with his oldest friend Leon E. Watkins. .

               The Walking Ghost won first prize in the Veteran’s Day Parade, Oakland, California also involved Juneteenth Celebration Re-Encampment  Naturalization Ceremony and Wreath Ceremony, Buffalo Soldiers.           

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