The Walking Ghosts 

Of Black History                          

U N I F O R M   W A N T E D

Donating of unwanted uniforms and military gear


THE WALKING GHOSTS OF BLACK HISTORY is a new type of Living Re-enactment Organization. The group is not just involved in traditional battle of period of War, but they are also a forum for educational outlets about African-American Military History

Plan includes a living museum, separate divisions of exploring the span of time of African Americans involvement in the United States military history. 

Each division will include men, women, children and of all ages and races.

 With your donation of unwanted uniforms any and all military gear, the group will be able participate in more re-enactments events, lecture, schools events, community, regional and national events.


Any and all donation greatly appreciated, collection of the items will be arranged,

give us a call at
510 230 – 5451 
Email at

 P lease S u p p o r t  U s,  

U N I T E D  W E  S T A N D

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